The Jurassic Coast Today

Beneath the surface of this heritage jurassic coast can still be seen reefs and fish which have not been devastated by the commercialisation suffered by the greater part of our English or European countryside and coastline. Now you can enjoy it.

The historic resort of Lyme Regis  is on the Dorset and East Devon coastline. Lyme Regis and Charmouth can offer visitors accommodation, fossil field trips, displays of fossils, guided tours and guided boat trips along the heritage jurassic coastline. Lyme Regis, whilst busy in the peak holiday season, can offer all of this throughout the year.

Links to all Lyme Regis has to offer can be found here. The Heritage Jurassic Coast of England.

The Heritage Jurassic Coast of England has won international acclaim. The coastline has been awarded world heritage site status. you may interested  to know, that the local inhabitants, who have lived here for a years,  welcome recognition of our jurassic coast, (jurassic coast), we are pleased to be classified as a world heritage site (world heritage site), and are pleased to welcome you to our English site, do visit our fossil coastline.
Our classification as an english world heritage site pleases us and you will be made welcome.
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